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American Pool Care AZ owner, John Morgan, shares some valuable pool care tips to help improve the performance of your pool and keep it sparkling, clean, and clear.

Our beautiful Phoenix weather has a drastic affect on your swimming pool. In the desert, our extreme summer temperatures mean that you have to pay close attention to water chemistry and the clarity of your swimming pool water. It should always be crystal clear and ready for a cool, refreshing swim. Of course, if you’d rather just enjoy your pool and not work on it, there’s no need to read these helpful pool care tips, just contact us and we’ll take complete care of your pool for you.

Top AZ Pool Plants

Top AZ Pool Plants

You’ll want to use plants that are native to your zone, but here are 18 examples of foliage that won’t litter your pool, according to the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association and Trees      Southern live oak (Quercus virginiana): Zones 7B-7B      Queen palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana): Zones 9B-11      Mexican blue palm (Brahea armata): Zones 8-11 Shrubs

So You Think You Want a Pool?

So You Think You Want a Pool?

Don’t get me wrong, Pools are great!   There is nothing like those perfect summer afternoons and evenings,  spent lounging around your elegant chaise lounge… but there’s a lot to owning a pool, kind of like getting a dog. If you’ve never owned a pool before, keep in mind that your pool will require regular maintenance and

The Three Most Common Reasons for Green Pools

The three most common reasons for GREEN POOLS in the PHOENIX area: WATER CHEMISTRY – IF THE WATER CHEMISTRY IS OUT OF BALANCE THE POOL WILL TURN GREEN. CYANURIC ACID (stabilizer) level is too high. This level is ideally kept under 150 ppm. When it rises to the 150ppm or higher level it neutralizes the

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