It is imperative to have weekly pool maintenance to protect your rather sizable investment. This goes double for the residents of Scottsdale and throughout the valley of the sun. With long, extremely hot summers and warm winters, your pool can show signs of wear in a relatively short amount of time. Let American Pool Care AZ be your weekly pool maintenance company and you won’t have to worry about throwing thousands away in repairs.

Scottsdale Weekly Pool Maintenance

Our high quality weekly Scottsdale pool service is affordable, reliable, and very professional. To ensure a consistently high level of service our technicians take date stamped pictures of your pool every week for our files. This enables us to keep a record of your Scottsdale pool service, and spot check our team to make sure they’re delivering on our promises. To ensure a consistently safe, sanitary and enjoyable environment, our weekly Scottsdale swimming pool service includes*:

  • An all-inclusive water chemistry test
  • Appropriate adjustment of the chemical balance
  • Skim the surface of your Scottsdale pool for debris
  • Empty and clean the skimmer and pump baskets
  • Brush the steps, walls and floor
  • Vacuum your pool to capture fine debris
  • Clean the tile around your pool
  • When necessary we backwash the system
  • Equipment inspection and check your pool timers

*The exact pool service may vary from pool to pool, and from visit to visit.


Contact American Pool Care AZ

Hundreds of satisfied pool service customers give us the confidence to say that once you set up a weekly pool service with American Pool Care AZ, you’ll never look back. Swim, don’t skim! For a free, no obligation estimate, please give us a call at 480.275.5234, or drop us a note using our contact form.